About the Journal

The Linker:Journal of Social and Allied Health Sciences is an academic, international peer-reviewed journal and published by the Linker of Isabela State University. It is an intellectual platform that is envisioned to provide an avenue for the publication of a wide-range of scholarly articles from international scholars. The TJSAHS strongly encourages dissemination of new knowledge, latest developments and new breakthroughs from interdisciplinary studies in the field of social and allied health sciences and become the leading accessed journal of choice among researchers in the world.


The journal publishes researches which focuses in the following fields of social sciences such as but not limited to the core areas of Anthropology, Economics, Politics and Sociology. It also includes interdisciplinary areas of studies like International Relations, Media Studies, Policy Studies, Human Geography, Gender and Sexuality, and Development Studies. Also, other areas of studies may also comprise the following such as Psychology, History, Philosophy, Law, Communication Studies, Corporate Governance, Public Administration, Social Welfare Criminology, Cross-Cultural Studies, Demography, Women Studies, English Literature, Ethics, Human Rights, Human Studies, Industrial Relations, International Relations, Journalism and Mass Communication, Linguistics, Library Science, Arts (visual and performing), Political Science, Population Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Religious Studies, Translation Studies and so on. On the other hand, the focus of researches in the field of allied health sciences are general medicine, clinical medicine, nursing, dentistry, audiology, human nutrition, medical technology, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, sports science, speech-language pathology, biomedical engineering, pharmacy, and all other allied health sciences.